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Health Tip:

If you lack energy, feel sluggish and have lost the zeal and enthusiasm for life, could it be that something is missing in your body?  Or, have you thought about cleansing your body, mind and spirit through a supervised water/juice fast?

Dear halanna ,

in my home, growing up in the country, an
old gramaphone sat in our tiny living room, with a bundle of
small LP’s.
My brother and i would play these old songs day and night.
This created a very harmonious happy environment in our family, we were happy and we all related well with each other!

Today, everyone is busy, and we might listen to music in the car, on the iPad or at the movies.

Music has a profound effect on our entire being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

MUSIC AFFECTS OUR BRAINS AS NO OTHER EXPERIENCE.!  We know now that music engages the whole brain., and
People with social or  expressive limitations can open and communicate through music.
Music activates our brain’s reward system, releasing dopomine, which improves our emotional state.

Music is remembered and processed  like nothing else,
and it can often bring back memories.

Here is a list of music therapy experienced by many:

*Music can by-pass injury…ie…
Stroke victims can regain speech,paralysis,..victims can regain movements.

*Music  can change the brain…
Music encourages neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to rewire….

Other ways music heals….
*Addictions,HIV,Aids,Autism,brain injuries,Cerebral Palsy.
Dementia, Alzheimers, Developmental Disabilities, Abuse,Trauma,
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Learning Disabilities,
Neurological impairments, Physical challenges,
Sensory impairments, Stress, Depression and Anxiety,Terminal illness, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

It is no wonder our entire family, living into the mid 90’s
have been integrated, connected and fairly healthy
because music surrounded our lives, and does to this day.

Encouraging everyone to listen to music daily, that is, harmonious, inspiring, healing,
music that touches the  heart, and spirit,  heals, regenerates, and revitalizes the entire body.

During meditation we listen to the most uplifting music
connecting ourselves to our Center, center of love..

When people fast with me, we make sure everyone is listening to awesome healing music, which aids in healing and rejuvenating the entire being.

When I was pregnant with my children, I played the most beautiful
classical music for them, and to this day, they love music and my son is a music
Engineer, still enjoying what he heard before he was born!

If hospitals, care homes, and hospices played healing music,
this would be the best therapy one could offer… peace to
the sick so they could heal or, enjoy the rest of their lives.


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