Sunlight, Vitmain D….the body is designed ti get enough from exposing the skin to direct sunlight.Many prefer to take Vit D3 to get the amount necessary to keep healthy in the winter. or to take a winter tropical vacation. Vit D is scarce and not found in too many foods.Best is to allow the body to be exposed to the sun whenever possible, so that the body can make Vit D. Vit D is a very important nutrient for digestive function, bone health, as well as, supporting a healthy immune system.At this time of year, if one cannot expose the entire body to the sun, at least expose the face and eyes,The Greeks named the sun, Helos, because of its healing power.Vit D is absolutely necessary and a lack of it can lead to many health challenges. When the sun is out be sure to get exposed, even if it for 15 minutes.

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