SCARRING YOU TO HEALTH… opportunity for us to stay at home, as it has been suggested, and spend time with family, neighbours and the vulnerable and be of help. in whatever way we can. It is an opportunity for us to focus on shopping only for those foods that will attain and maintain a healthy immunity, so we can be strong, in the midst of all the panic, fear and anxiety. Remember. the body HEALS itself if we give it all the necessary requirements for health, ie organic vegan plant based nutrition, that is whole foods, and avoid all processed foods. all harmful influences, to get plenty of sunshine, daily exercise, walking at least 60 minutes every day, and at the same time, taking deep breathes, create emotional poise, despite the terrifying news these days, to remain positive, through meditation, prayer and silence, much can be accomplished. Let us also to be grateful for what we have, where we live and remain at peace. Let us focus our attention of healthy lifestyle, which will bring comfort during these difficult times. Let us shift fear, helplessness to confidence , and to what we can do to remain hopeful and happy, spending time in nature and taking care of the gift of life. Reminding everyone, that I also recommend supervised fasting as a preventative measure that brings regeneration, rejuvenation and restoration to the body, mind, emotions and spirit,

Book your time today!


My thoughts and prayers are with yiu today and every day,

that you remain positive, prayerful and in meditation

that all work out for the best as we focus on healing ourselves and

the whole world.

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