KEEP CONNECTED AND 7 HUGS A DAY! When I speak of illness as a gift and teacher, it is because it is an opportunity for us to intuitively look inward as to why and how we can return to good health again. It is a mechanism to teach us how to clean up the body and rethink sickness! Fevers,colds and flues are necessary to help us detoxify for the body knows it is doing the right thing, to create homeostasis, or in other words, balance. We try to suppress the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and therefore interference leads to a progression of the disease. In my health ministry,, as many became sicker, I began spending a lot more time with those who came for health help. Listening to their stories, and their emotional traumas, gave me a clearer picture as to why this person has become ill and what I could do to help them recover quickly. Spending more than 2 hours with each person has been a God given blessing, and so this was also suggested by the first physician, Dr.Hippocrates. As they unloaded all of their concerns, and followed the Program, designed and destined to help their particular health challenge, they became well in a short amount of time. Pollution, Round-Up GMO food are some of the many toxic chemicals humans ingest every day. also add to why so many are ill and have poor immunity, to help fight the viruses. When I encourage everyone to shop for organic food and use fresh live juices, their illnesses disappear and never come back. We still think that bacteria is our enemy, but is this true? Are we keeping the Truth away from people? We are in a mess of disconnect, is this healthy? Do masks really help, or hinder? Are we keeping the Truth away from people…that leads to life and health? I heard a Dr say today that more than 7 hugs a day encourages a 35% reduction of getting the flu! We are resilient people, so keep hugging for health! I hope and pray that you will remain hopeful, positive, exercise daily, get the sun when it shines and take good care of yourself and your loved ones. The ancient way to achieving and maintaining optimum health is through fasting! Have you thought about developing new stem cells, resist aging and lengthening your telemeres through a supervised fast? I am here to help you have the best health ever!! Many blessings, Centarians living in what is known as the Blue Zone, have been described as people who have great connections and socialization with each other. Isolation and social distancing has had an effect on peoples’ health and well being. MUSIC IS THERAPY- MUSIC HEALS! MUSIC CREATES! Many Blessings to you and yours, Dr. Halanna B. Matthew nature’ | forward to a friend Nature’s Health Ltd 2020 You are receiving this because you asked to join the email list, or subscribed from Our mailing address is: Natures Health 467 Raindance Crescent West Vancouver, BC V7P1C3 Canada Add us to your address book Email Marketing Powered by Mailchimp unsubscribe from this list | update subscription preferences halanna matthew 9:57 PM (0 minutes ago) to Azmina

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