Dear Friends!

I have been thinking a lot about  all of  you during this
bizarre time and wishing  and hoping you are
in good health!
It seems like every day  there is some new  dramatic drama
to process and its taken its toll on families and businesses!

When my son had his first vaccine at 2 weeks old,  at the request of a doctor, I had
no idea that his terrible skin eruption, asthma and sleepless nights, with blood all over his sheets, would have created
 a healing ministry and practice  for me,  that has helped people for over 40 years, all over the world!!
That was the last vaccine for my children!

Of all  things I have been seeing, as I go about my day, what
concerns me most is the fear I see in peoples eyes.
Many of my students, friends and neighbours who are walking, jogging, with masks, in the heat of summer,  are afraid of getting too close. No hugs, no handshakes no smiles with masks!!

We were not created to live in fear!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness but one of
power, love and sound judgment”
Faith over Fear is my motto!
During my meditation today, I was inspired with this ancient biblical saying:
“Trust Me Do not be afraid”!

Do not be frightened by world events, or news reports,  that have this factor removed…
My Presence is in the world…
Delight in my Awesome Glory and Power and in my unfailing Love.
Rejoice that you are on an adventurous journey  with Me
and enjoy the rich relationship I offer you and fear will subside.
A joy will rise within you…
Trust Me  wholeheartedly
I am your strength!

Often in life we get crushed, and now disappointed, frustrated, and we feel confused, with emotions bottling up,…We can feel the isolation of keeping emotions hidden,but this is a process.
needed to build character, teaching us patience.
Yet,  in this season of waiting, delays are not always denials,
they are merely  a  designed plan to glean greatness from the ordinary.
Remember next time you feel overlooked, under appreciated, as we all do from time to time.
Remember, nothing extraordinary ever comes easily!

Just like it takes amazing pressure to make a flawless diamond out of a lump of coal,
Or, a lot of heat to refine gold,
Or, a lot of irritation to make a pearl.
It is the struggles in life, as we know now, that  eventually makes everything so sweet!

A door will  open…HOPE is in the future that will change all  of our lives for the better!

God has a plan for all our lives
One thing we need to do this day…..


Great character  comes from those who are willing to wait patiently. by doing their part…. and that is,  take your health seriously now, it is your greatest Wealth!

Follow the right Path
Always Trust in God, you will be happy you did
Better days are coming.

Remember to adapt a LIVE FOOD habit!
Exercise at least 5 times weekly, get sunlight
daily,  know that the Vegan diet provides ALA which converts to EPA giving you more grey matter and better cognitive function….incorporate blue green algae  all of which beat using animal  products  or fish oil, which do not provide  enough, but damage and clog arteries. causing strokes, heart disease and cancer. Plant protein provides you with the highest amino acids. The microbieum live on fibre from plants! Animal products have no fibre.
Work hard on becoming the healthiest ever by following the Program I designed just for you, and reap the fruits of Amazing health and, 
I promise  you will enjoy life  and health to the fullest,   vibrant energy, and happiness  while
looking  to the future with HOPE!

Eye contact is the surest way to connect and a smile speaks louder than words!


Many Blessings to you and yours,

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

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