Nature’s Health is an organization founded by health consultant of over 35 years, Halanna Matthew Ph.D, to Promote, Educate, and Inspire true health.

After years of frustration, study and research, Halanna Matthew found that conventional methods of medicine could not help many common health problems. She found, through Natural Hygiene, that the human body is an amazing self-cleansing, self-repairing, self-healing organism, and by supplying all the requisites for health and removing the causes of ill health and disease, that nature automatically brings the body back to harmony and health. The results of this can be very dramatic, causing many miracles to take place in the body. Many people around the world have witnessed these miracles (including Halanna), and are here to tell about them today as a result of following the fundamental principles of Natural Hygiene.
There is sincerely no other method of healing that can safely produce such remarkable results in such a short time in the world today.�

Nature’s Health Services:

* A personalized nutritional and health analysis- Your blueprint for health.
* Supervised water and juice fasting at a relaxing location
* Diplomas for teaching Natural Hygiene and Nutrition
* Research for health and disease
* Correspondence courses
* Telephone consultation�