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SCARRING YOU TO HEALTH… opportunity for us to stay at home, as it has been suggested, and spend time with family, neighbours and the vulnerable and be of help. in whatever way we can. It is an opportunity for us to focus on shopping only for those foods that will attain and maintain a healthy immunity, so we can be strong, in the midst of all the panic, fear and anxiety. Remember. the body HEALS itself if we give it all the necessary requirements for health, ie organic vegan plant based nutrition, that is whole foods, and avoid all processed foods. all harmful influences, to get plenty of sunshine, daily exercise, walking at least 60 minutes every day, and at the same time, taking deep breathes, create emotional poise, despite the terrifying news these days, to remain positive, through meditation, prayer and silence, much can be accomplished. Let us also to be grateful for what we have, where we live and remain at peace. Let us focus our attention of healthy lifestyle, which will bring comfort during these difficult times. Let us shift fear, helplessness to confidence , and to what we can do to remain hopeful and happy, spending time in nature and taking care of the gift of life. Reminding everyone, that I also recommend supervised fasting as a preventative measure that brings regeneration, rejuvenation and restoration to the body, mind, emotions and spirit,

Book your time today!


My thoughts and prayers are with yiu today and every day,

that you remain positive, prayerful and in meditation

that all work out for the best as we focus on healing ourselves and

the whole world.

Health Tip: If you lack energy, feel sluggish and have lost the zeal and enthusiasm for life, could it be that something is missing in your body? Or, have you thought about cleansing your body, mind and spirit through a supervised water/juice fast? Do we need reminders to love ourselves and one another? I think sometimes we forget how.? Today there are many conflicting ways to love . In order to heal, we need to take time to restore and regenerate. The best way, is simple…… At least twice a year take time, to cleanse and rejuvenate the whole body with a water fast, This means to eliminate all forms of eating, and to drink distilled water only. This means you do not have to work or exercise, and to save energy for cleansing and repairing. Often people want to continue to work and exercise but the fast requires rest in order to heal. To be free of stress To live close to nature and adapt a vegan lifestyle with whole plant based food To be free of resentments, unforgivness toward oneself and others To associate with loving individuals To have a positive attitude To drink and rehydrate with live juices and pure water To get plenty of sunlight To get uninterupted sleep of at least 8 hours daily…sleep heals. regenerates the brain and body To exercise at least 5 x weekly To do deep breathing exercise daily To have a purposeful life To live in community To have faith This Valentines Day, which began as early as 269 AD, is set aside for everyone to give oneself the GIFT of Healing. which is to restore the diet deficiencies and to fast in order to detox the body, mind, emotions and spirit, so that we can love who we are. and loving.and giving to others becomes enjoyable. The body HEALS ITSELF, if we lovingly give the body all the essential conditions for health, and remove all harmful influences. TODAY, book a space for a supervised water fast,, to restore, renew and regenerate the entire body.. “LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU”! MUSIC IS THERAPY- MUSIC HEALS! MUSIC CREATES! Many Blessings to you and yours, Dr. Halanna B. Matthew nature’ | forward to a friend

WHY WE AGE!Want to be healthy and live a long time? Here are the secrets from research done according to the Blue Zones…. where those living there are living to 95 and beyond!! 1. Eat less often..and genes do not work if you eat when not hungry. 2. Fasting has been practised over 3000 years ago,creating healing miracles 3. Avoid animal products which have no fiber and are high saturated fats. 4. Adopt a plant based nutritional program with the help of an expert. 5, Maintain high intensity exercise which raise the heart and respiratory functions. 6. Or, at least walk for 1 hour a day. 7. Be sure that you enjoy restorative, uninterupted sleep, that is at least 8 hours of quality sleep as this is a time of regeneration, important for total health of body, mind and spirit. 8. Eat vegan colorful whole plant based food with large salads daily. 9. Get natural light and sunlight in nature every day. 10. Processed and refined carbs and food have no place in the human diet. 11. Avoid oils, which are mostly Omega 6 and cause inflammation, this includes olive oil eat the olives instead. Reduce inflammation with Omega 3, found in flax seed oil. 12. Do not use commercial sunscreen…make your own with organic essential oils of lavender, peppermint,and coconut oil. 13. Shampoos contain many chemicals which coat the hair, use olive or coconut oil as the best shampoo., wrap the hair in a hot towel after applying, rinse with cold water and see the shine and when you massage the scalp with Rosemary/Cedarwood oil, watch the hair grow! 14. Have a daily warm shower, and dry brush before, but end it with a cold one to activate the brown fat, and invigorate the whole body. And after cleansing the face,with organic cleanser, apply ice cubes to the eye and face and neck to stimulate circulation and see the glow! 15. To look and feel your best be sure to… 1. Have that cold shower 2. Garden daily…CONNECT WITH THE EARTH,…..PLAY IN THE DIRT.. if only a tomato plant.. 3. Eat mushrooms daily, even one is enough. 4. Have a serving of legumes at least 4 x weekly. , and Lentils may be best for some who may have trouble with legumes. all of which, boosts metabolism. immune system,drains the lymphatic system, creates emotional resilience, lowers chance of depression, boosts testosterone, boosts fertility, creates muscle recovery, better sleep, and a feeling of being FULLY ALIVE and you have boosted the microbium with all the colorful fiber foods. 5. Connect with family, friends, community and a spiritual life, offering forgiveness where needed. No matter what age, you can REGENERATE the entire body and live pain free and avoid suffering. The body heals itself if all the necessary conditions for health are met and all harmful influences are eliminate. Look and feel young again! Rain or shine, ….get out there and MOVE daily, as well as, make a decision to make healthy choices because energy invested in HEALTH IS WEALTH!!

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Sunlight, Vitmain D….the body is designed ti get enough from exposing the skin to direct sunlight.Many prefer to take Vit D3 to get the amount necessary to keep healthy in the winter. or to take a winter tropical vacation. Vit D is scarce and not found in too many foods.Best is to allow the body to be exposed to the sun whenever possible, so that the body can make Vit D. Vit D is a very important nutrient for digestive function, bone health, as well as, supporting a healthy immune system.At this time of year, if one cannot expose the entire body to the sun, at least expose the face and eyes,The Greeks named the sun, Helos, because of its healing power.Vit D is absolutely necessary and a lack of it can lead to many health challenges. When the sun is out be sure to get exposed, even if it for 15 minutes.

Healing and Regenerating with Superfoods

Sharing with you today the best superfoods you can add to
your daily dietary enjoyment!
Best fruits: Blueberries, Blackberries, all berries, all melons

Sprouts; broccoli, alfalfa, radish, buckwheat, sunflower, pea sprouts,
powerful vitamins and minerals.

All Dark Leafy Greens, ie swiss chard, escarole, spinach, romaine, collards,
dandelion, argula, beet greens, bok choy, etc

Superior health benefits of Globe Artichokes,
These are members of the Thistle family.

We are eating the flower before it blooms.
This vegetable has been around since ancient Greeks and Romans.
Has health and medicinal properties so important for healing.,
as well as being a good aphrodisiac and fertility booster.

Most of its nutrients are in the leaves, not the heart.

Decreases cholesterol, Aids digestion
Detoxes the liver, Stimulates the kidneys, Increases bile flow.
Helps digest fats
Prevents cancer
Helps to lose weight.
Packed with every vitamin and mineral the body requires
Balances blood sugar
High in Vit B complex
Good for the brain and nervous system

Steam and use the tip of the leaves dipped in a sauce made from raw tahini, lemon /garlic, or
made into a soup with Red potato, peas, parsley lemon and using the tips of the leaves and the heart.

Eat these at least once a week during spring and fall, which is the peek of the season i and enjoy these wonderful
healthy addition to your weekly menu.

Be careful of Glysophate,, the active ingredient in Roundup, infiltered in all GMO food today ,
blocking the production of protein protons, needed for growth in plants,, which blocks amino acid, Tryptophan, needed for hormone production, causing many
problems in the human body.

If it is not organic, best not to support these evil corporations, destroying our food supply, as well as our bodies.

Many blessings to you and yours

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

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