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Country Doctor Comes To Your House!

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No need to leave your house, this doctor comes to you, in your own environment to coach, educate and analyze your health potential, in the comforts of your own home, Call today and find out your health potential, guiding you to cleanse, rejuvenate and revitalize so you can experience the best health ever at a reasonable price!   Through adequate nutrition, cleansing your body and knowing which exercise is best for you, you will experience awesome rewards!

If you are not well, I can also arrange healthy foods and juices to be made at your home with the finest, healthiest ingredients.

Contact me today to arrange an appointment. Vancouver, BC, Bellingham, Washington and surrounding areas only.



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Do you wish you could live in a healthy BODY that
you LOVE?
Do you struggle with mental fog, (so many do).
low energy, and up and down diets?

A simple change of how and what you eat
can  actually change everything.

Your struggle with weight loss would be something of the past…chronic diseases slip away… and you have energy and
strength to participate in everything you dreamed of!

Too good to be true?….

Then it’s your  time to find out why a Whole Foods,
Plant-based nutritional Program, has become
a Global Movement that is giving people their healthy lives back, restoring all kinds of health issues world wide
as well as,
Saving the Earth and its inhabitants.

DID YOU KNOW….  that…
FASTING is known to REGENERATE stem cells, reverse
immunune problems  and high blood pressure,
after only three days?
Fasting cures diseases, dries all morbid discharges in the
body, and heals the entire body, mind, emotions and spirit!

Fasting is the curative power of Nature…
a sort of surgical operation without the scalpel.
The body at the time of fasting, is nourished by the reserves and excess material stored within the body.

to book a time of
Health Evaluation, and  to prepare
for your Fast and enjoy a NEW CREATION`,
A  TRANSFORMATION, lie no other!

Many Blessings to you and yours,

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew


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One of the world’s most common food ingredients.
a polyunsaturated oil is advertised as “healthy” by the food
industries, fast food industries, the “natural health
communities”, and even
our regulatory agencies,..
.this food is called CANOLA OIL…
one of the worse creations in modern history, and
we call it a “food”.
It is known that canola oil is like battery acid to the cardiovascular system, and yet, this oil is in almost
everything bought today.  Check the ingredients…
and  in restaurants,, all fast food, packaged food, snacks,
and in almost all natural “health snacks”.

Canola oil is linked to:
* declining memory
*learning deficits
*damaged effects on entire health
*Learning ability
*weight gain
*causes dementia
*Erucic acid in canola irritates mucous membranes
*lesions in the heart
* lung and prostrate cancer
*brain fog, etc

Please check it out, you will find canola oil in everything you buy,
especially all processed boxed, canned foods. etc,
Canola oil ‘s damaging health effects have been established for
heart, cancer, inflammation, obesity, Alzheimer’s and many diseases.

Use Oregano oil for inflammation,parasites,cramps,infections
Tea Tree oil for fungus,germ destroyer, virus, and skin

I will be providing a 2-3 hour
Helping you to be aware of your, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual health. so that you can

and how to provide the best health for you, your friends
and family,
Book your space today!

Many Blessings to you and yours, and have a wonderful
healthy weekend,

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew


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NOTHING helps to appreciate good health more than
losing it.
In my earlier years I have had multiple health challenges, and then,
When I became pregnant I had four spontaneous
miscarriages.  This was difficult to face.
And, then the first child came after a very difficult
pregnancy, who suffered a lot in the first year of his life.

In my search I had my prayers answered , and after
reading books, placed in my path,  I found the answers
to Perfect Health, and had Doctor Mentors who
introduced me to the Philosophy of Health, and this
information, like no other, has led me to return to
study and achieve degrees so I can help the
suffering world.

It takes hard work, diligence, patience and
consistent care, that is, loving yourself enough
to make lifestyle changes, and to share  a lifestyle
that brings optimum health with family, friends and
the world.

No longer is my family, or myself. burdened with
health burdens, and can enjoy life to the fullest…
That means,

*Having Great Energy and Vitality
*Beautiful  radiant skin
*Pain free
*Restful sleep
*Balanced hormones
*Clear eyes, good hearing and vision
*Balanced moods
*A lack of anxiety
*A zest for life
*Superior Nutrition, Plant based
*Good fats, (avocado,nuts,seeds)

And remember…these are the foods with
the lowest  vibration…
*Breads, pastries, donuts
*All sugars and alcohol
*All processed, canned and  boxed
*All oils, except for Flax seed oil
*All pasteurized foods

Going back to garden foods is the key to
good health…

Fill your own cup first, in ways that  refresh and renew
your life so that you always have  Enormous vitality
and passion to care for yourself and your family.

Last but not least, be sure to set aside time for fasting as spring
approaches….the best time to cleanse and purify
your body, mind and spirit so that you can radiate
health to the universe.
I still have space for fasting during the month of month
of March…book it soon!


Many Blessings to you and yours,

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew


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Hope you received and read my last newsletter on REGENERATIVE MEDICINE,   explaining how one can use your own body to heal?

This method of using your body to heal itself is available all over the world now, so one does not have to travel to Europe.

We can now turn the most destructive biases of life,
especially those having to do with age,
into OPPORTUNITIES for psychological and spiritual
growth and transformation, as well as social

We are entering the beautiful time of year, Spring, a time of
rejuvenation…new health…and healing.

In this upcoming month, let us take inventory and re-imagine
the best possible future, while putting our house in order…
and making the changes that will revitalize our life,
free of pain, discomfort and disease.

Everyone has access today to have the quality of life
and relationships from young adulthood to later years.

My work provides everyone with the proper nutrition,information  and guidance,
as well as fasting for regenerating the body, mind and spirit,and the
newest…… new Regenerative medicine to help solve all
of our health challenges.

Please contact me with your questions and I am
here to help everyone achieve and maintain the best
health and how to live life to the fullest.


My prayer for you  is that you will unleash your potential for loving yourself, courage to change, clarity of vision,
and joy as you live each moment, day, month, and year as
fully as possible.

I will do my  very best to bring about an opening,
a HEALING, a liberating and warm deepening in your life.
and the lives of many suffering in this world today.

I look forward to hearing from everyone!
and see you at my next meeting in February…

Many blessing to you and yours,

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

Regenerative Medicine

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Health Tip:

There are hidden reasons behind food cravings…. Find out what they are!

If you lack energy, feel sluggish and have lost the zeal and enthusiasm for life,
could it be that something is missing in your body?  Or, have you thought about
cleansing your body, mind and spirit through a supervised water/juice fast?

Dear *|FNAME|*,

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE, uses your own body to heal
itself of these many complex problems so many
people are suffering from, leaving them in pain,
inflammation, in wheelchairs, care homes, difficulty
walking, and not enjoying life to the fullest,
and it is getting worse.
Here are the many health challenges that will be solved using
your own stem cells to heal the body:
Stiffness, pain,
Injuries, crippling,
Joint, knee and hip pain and problems
Shoulder, back and other pain
Menopausal symptoms, dryness
Hair loss
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Heart attack and other heart problems
Wrinkles and cosmetic facelift
Degenerative disk problems
Alheimers , Dementia, memory loss
Brain Injuries
Diabetes, Type 1 and 2
MS and Parkinsons
Improve cognitive ability

This remarkable advance in medicine will give everyone
quality life into their old age, without masking symptoms,
but getting to the root cause of all these health problems.

This is the future of medicine, it is THE HEALING MIRACLE!
without the enormous costs of medicine and the
side effects of it.
Utilize your own body and harness your stem cells to heal
the entire body.

This easy application is bringing encouraging results  and
is available all over the world….
The closest to us is available in Seattle, Wa.


Blessings to you and yours,

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

Embrace Illness – It Is Your Teacher: Public lecture, Vancouver, BC

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April 7th 7-9 at the West Vancouver library i will give a lecture, based on the experience at the integrated health conference i attended with the integrated health institute/at San Diego,  CA

Please bring your friends and family to this important evening.



Telephone Consultation with Dr. Halanna available

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Telephone Consultation with Dr. Halanna available


If you do not have a doctor to turn to for your personal needs, and live outside the Vancouver area, Dr. Halanna Matthew does phone consultations for a minimum fee. She can help with nutritional balance, detoxification, fasting, weight loss, acute and chronic diseases, skin and body care, and more.

Correspondence courses and instruction on healthy meal preparation also available.

Contact info on my contact page.


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On May 16th,I will discuss the ramifications of geoengineering,

or solar radiation management, and despite mountains of evidence and hundreds of patents,

this spraying of chemicals is still denied.  Look up at the sky….and see the long trails laid down

by aircraft stretching across the sky, which spread out, merge and create  a milky overcast haze.

Sunlight reaching the earth has fallen 22%,  while rainwater, soil , bark, human hair

and blood tests show high levels of aluminium, barium, strontium, metals listed in the above patents.

We have been breathing these highly toxic metals since the 1990’s., causing many diseases worldwide,Europe,China, North America,etc

Find out what we can do about preventing these evil destructive chemicals which are destroying life

on the planet.

Contact me for details on the Contact page here.