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Would like to share with you the three day Cure for Cancer

Conference I attended in San Diego, California,

where over 2000 attended and doctors from all over the

world shared their successes, besides, hearing the testimonials of

people with Stage 4 cancer healed.

The protocol for healing was similar with most doctors, where

prevention is the key, and the two main causes, Toxins, and Inadequate

Nutrition, emotional stress, unforgiveness and lack of exercise are the

big reasons, cancer is prevelant, and of course, the GMO foods that

are on the shelves causing many diseases,

I will be having short seminars discussing my findings, in the

next few weeks,  Also, conducting supervised juice/water fasting

in the next few weeks, to detox and supply proper nutrition to the body,

Please email me to find the time and place,,

or phone, 778-340-7978




It has been a while since I posted here because I have been

helping people recover from cancer and teaching prevention,

and how to attain and maintain optimum health even though it seems

to be hopeless,

Next month I will be inviting all women, who want to have a child,

to prepare to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Those who are having

difficulty conceiving, and those who are miscarrying, I will be giving

undivided consultation.  For men who are also having difficulties with

sterility and low sperm count, I will be giving a special class.

Please tell your iriends, family or acquaintances and whoever you may know that

are in the dark about this subject….there is hope for everyone but

one needs guidance and knowledge and I am here to provide this.

Email me at for more info.



There has been a Japanese company that is promoting Alkaline water

for good health,  This is because the average person’s diet is so acidic that they

thought by providing Alkaline Water that this would solve the problem.  It does not!

This is the latest fad to encourage you to buy a $5,000 unit to provide you with

water to alkalinize your body,  this is not true.  This is a piece of junk.

This water does not remove the acids and debris from your cells and tissues,

as this electrolysis  process does not destroy the micro-organisms and it is

NOT HEALTHY FOR HUMAN USE.  IT Only increases the acidity and it fails to

remove the metabolic residues from the cells,

Distilled water is acid water which cleanses, purifies and provides oxygen and

the necessary work of destroying the micro-organisms keeping the body

pure and alkaline.  Do not be fooled by false advertising,