Hope you received and read my last newsletter on REGENERATIVE MEDICINE,   explaining how one can use your own body to heal?

This method of using your body to heal itself is available all over the world now, so one does not have to travel to Europe.

We can now turn the most destructive biases of life,
especially those having to do with age,
into OPPORTUNITIES for psychological and spiritual
growth and transformation, as well as social

We are entering the beautiful time of year, Spring, a time of
rejuvenation…new health…and healing.

In this upcoming month, let us take inventory and re-imagine
the best possible future, while putting our house in order…
and making the changes that will revitalize our life,
free of pain, discomfort and disease.

Everyone has access today to have the quality of life
and relationships from young adulthood to later years.

My work provides everyone with the proper nutrition,information  and guidance,
as well as fasting for regenerating the body, mind and spirit,and the
newest…… new Regenerative medicine to help solve all
of our health challenges.

Please contact me with your questions and I am
here to help everyone achieve and maintain the best
health and how to live life to the fullest.


My prayer for you  is that you will unleash your potential for loving yourself, courage to change, clarity of vision,
and joy as you live each moment, day, month, and year as
fully as possible.

I will do my  very best to bring about an opening,
a HEALING, a liberating and warm deepening in your life.
and the lives of many suffering in this world today.

I look forward to hearing from everyone!
and see you at my next meeting in February…

Many blessing to you and yours,

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

Regenerative Medicine

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Health Tip:

There are hidden reasons behind food cravings…. Find out what they are!

If you lack energy, feel sluggish and have lost the zeal and enthusiasm for life,
could it be that something is missing in your body?  Or, have you thought about
cleansing your body, mind and spirit through a supervised water/juice fast?

Dear *|FNAME|*,

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE, uses your own body to heal
itself of these many complex problems so many
people are suffering from, leaving them in pain,
inflammation, in wheelchairs, care homes, difficulty
walking, and not enjoying life to the fullest,
and it is getting worse.
Here are the many health challenges that will be solved using
your own stem cells to heal the body:
Stiffness, pain,
Injuries, crippling,
Joint, knee and hip pain and problems
Shoulder, back and other pain
Menopausal symptoms, dryness
Hair loss
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Heart attack and other heart problems
Wrinkles and cosmetic facelift
Degenerative disk problems
Alheimers , Dementia, memory loss
Brain Injuries
Diabetes, Type 1 and 2
MS and Parkinsons
Improve cognitive ability

This remarkable advance in medicine will give everyone
quality life into their old age, without masking symptoms,
but getting to the root cause of all these health problems.

This is the future of medicine, it is THE HEALING MIRACLE!
without the enormous costs of medicine and the
side effects of it.
Utilize your own body and harness your stem cells to heal
the entire body.

This easy application is bringing encouraging results  and
is available all over the world….
The closest to us is available in Seattle, Wa.


Blessings to you and yours,

Dr. Halanna B. Matthew