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Country Doctor Comes To Your House!

No need to leave your house, this doctor comes to you, in your own environment to coach, educate and analyze your health potential, in the comforts of your own home, Call today and find out your health potential, guiding you to cleanse, rejuvenate and revitalize so you can experience the best health ever at a reasonable price!   Through adequate nutrition, cleansing your body and knowing which exercise is best for you, you will experience awesome rewards!

If you are not well, I can also arrange healthy foods and juices to be made at your home with the finest, healthiest ingredients.

Contact me today to arrange an appointment. Vancouver, BC, Bellingham, Washington and surrounding areas only.


Embrace Illness – It Is Your Teacher: Public lecture, Vancouver, BC

April 7th 7-9 at the West Vancouver library i will give a lecture, based on the experience at the integrated health conference i attended with the integrated health institute/at San Diego,  CA

Please bring your friends and family to this important evening.



Telephone Consultation with Dr. Halanna available


If you do not have a doctor to turn to for your personal needs, and live outside the Vancouver area, Dr. Halanna Matthew does phone consultations for a minimum fee. She can help with nutritional balance, detoxification, fasting, weight loss, acute and chronic diseases, skin and body care, and more.

Correspondence courses and instruction on healthy meal preparation also available.

Contact info on my contact page.


There is so much confusion today about True Health!

How to attain and maintain optimum health is available

to everyone….it is not old age that causes poor health,

nor is it your genes, nor is it bad luck.  It is what we do everyday

to achieve good health:  It is our choices on  an everyday basis,

Today we are exposed to 4000 additional products, processed foods,

EMF, or radiation, and children today are born with cancer,

autism, retarded in some way.  This can be prevented,

April 14,  7 pm at the Royal Canadian  Legion, 123 West 15th Street,

North Vancouver, bc

I will be lecturing on Optimum Health;

April 18th, I will be discussing, The Real Truth About Health

find the location, by email,


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