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CULTIVATING HEALTH WITH NITRIC OXIDE Hope you are enjoying the first day of summer and the beautiful rain watering the flowers to inspire and uplift our spirits during this time of distancing!! Avoiding the fear of contracting the virus and other health challenges, proper diet. exercise. sunshine. enjoying family and social life as well as, spiritual practices. all contribute to optimal health and increase the production of this miracle gas, called NITRIC OXIDE. Nitric Oxide is the miracle gas molecule your body produces. It affects every organ and system in your body and is an important role in developing a strong immunity which helps to regulate immune cells and fights bacteria and viruses, that contribute to chronic infection. Nitric Oxide is released in the body in abundance when you eat a diet rich in fruits , ie pomegranates, grapefruit, grapes, and vegetables containing nitrates, as found in leafy greens, ie arugula, leafy lettuces, spinach, kale, BEETS and tops, cabbage, nuts, seeds and legumes. For instance, 3-4 oz of beet juice increases nitric oxide 21% in 45 minutes, and 3 garlic clove intake will increase nitric oxide 40% in 30 minutes. Nitric Oxide is a blood pressure regulator, improves athletic performance and brain function It also decreases plague formation and blood clotting. Nitric Oxide protects cells from damage and relaxes blood vessels, therefore improves circulation. prevents atherosclerosis and impotence, in other words, improves libido. Nitric Oxide decreases as we age, so it is important that we supplement this important gas molecule with fresh live juices, fasting, Vit D3 or sunshine, as well as maintaining a positive attitude during these chaotic times. Because we are using the screen more than ever during this time, it is important to note that we need to be protected from radiation, EMF, and there are many gadgets you can buy for this, but the best is to know that ROSEMARY Essential oil is one of the the best protectors from EMF exposure,, and to improve cognitive function. Knowing Nitric Oxide removes toxicity from EMF radiation and protects against the oxidative stress caused by using it as frequently as we do at this time, is important wisdom to incorporate into our daily lives. Also, it is important to note that the mineral magnesium, a natural calcium blocker, reduces the effects of EMF exposure. and is found in avocado,whole grains, bananas and all of the above mentioned foods. Spices, rich in phenoles, such as, cinnamon, nutmeg, tumeric and cloves also protects and repairs damages done by EMF exposure. Hope this information will help to keep us protected and healthy, promoting vibrant longevity without having to suffer with diseases!.


Beginning June 18th, we are open as we open stage 4,

to assist you in creating for you a whole body

assessment, nutritional consultation, health coaching, and

exercise suggestions, to help create a balanced healthy

body and immunity,

Please call to make an appointment, and I will

be so happy to be of help to you and your family,

I look forward to hearing from you!

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HEALTH HAPPINESS ABUNDANCE IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT! We are a nation of inflammation, causing depression, illnesses viruses infections and many other acute and chronic diseases. What causes inflammation, is not only inadequate nutrition, exercise, sunlight, pure water. etc, and a toxic body, mind and spirit, but the traumas in our lives that hold us back. We could have experienced abuse, neglect, divorce, which creates self-doubt, insecurity and tragedy. The foundation of our lives felt insecure, unsafe and we may have been depressed about it… or, we may have felt we are not good enough, or, felt angry or to blame for something that had happened. We may make poor choices because of all that may have happened, leaving us vulnerable, and we live in the past, rather in this moment! We are vulnerable creatures. evolving species and our relationships with self and others evolve. We seek love, for it is basic to our survival….. Just as plants turn toward the sun, we look for the warmth of loving connections. Love is a manifestation of Life Force.something we lack in today’s world and many are suffering, because of a lack of love and care. In experiencing divorce when a man chooses to have an open marriage, not acceptable to many women, it becomes devastating. children suffer and their security vanishes.. One begins to feel inadequate, to blame, and seek the comfort and love of others to soothe the hurt, but it may not be true love. The radiant Life Force born within disappears, we experience suffering which can be destructive. Or, by facing the reality, it can transform us into a new creation. We can transcend to a path of growth and be awakened to the truth, and find out that no one can give us what we are seeking. The Divine and eternal love we seek is within us. When we can give to ourselves the unconditional love that we seek, we forgive ourselves and others who may have hurt us, and face the hurdles, and tragedies of the past, then, we can become the radiant, happy. energetic creatures we were born to be. Now, our bodies can fight all diseases. We are positive and we live a purposeful life. We go beyond the injustices of the world and our skin colour should not become a weapon, and that black people no longer fear because of the way they were born! We have learned to love and honour ourselves. and others. We then become living expressions of love, the Life Force for which we are born to share. This positive force frees us, saves us and delivers us from all that prevents us from being who we were meant to be. A Loving Life Force transcending all diseases because we are guided by the Creator’s illuminated Path of Love! MUSIC IS THERAPY- MUSIC HEALS! MUSIC CREATES! Many Blessings to you and yours, Dr. Halanna B. Matthew nature’ | forward to a friend Nature’s Health Ltd 2020 You are receiving this because you asked to join the email list, or subscribed from Our mailing address is: Natures Health 467 Raindance Crescent West Vancouver, BC V7P1C3 Canada Add us to your address book Email Marketing Powered by Mailchimp unsubscribe from this list | update subscription preferences

BEST PROTECTION FOR SKIN Now that we are spending more time outdoors, there are precautions so that we can protect our skin. Sunshine is good medicine and the best source of Vitamin D So many shun sunshine, who fear cancer and wrinkles. but sunshine saves many more lives than it harms. The right dosage early morning and late afternoon are the best time to be exposed. which have powerful health benefits. Here are a list of plant based skin-loving foods… Avocado Walnuts Sweet potatoes Red and orange peppers Brocolli Leafy greens are the best Tomatoes Grapes and seeds Pomegranetes Mushrooms Ginger Carrots Smoothies with ginger, tumeric and carrot BEST SUNSCREENS Frankencense oil Myrrh, Lavender, carrot seed oils with almond or olive oil, one drop each on the skin will protect the skin. Best supplements, Vit A C and D Sea Buckthorn oil Best oils for building Collagen, reduces wrinkles… Neroli oil, lemon, Frankencense, carrot seed, jasmine and organic castor oil. Protect your eyes, but the eyes require light. On the computer and suffering from eye fatigue,dry eyes, try this, Steep tea bags, cool, and place on eyes for 20-30 minutes. Or, a slice of cucumber. Vitamin D is critical to the formation and maintenance of strong bones. Pain and weakness in the muscles and bones are some of the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. Enjoy the opening of parks, the longer evenings, and the sunshine when it does shine which is crucial for good health! In the beginning of each month I order organic oils…please let me know if you need any? Stay safe and healthy during this isolation and know that I am here for you…please let me know if I can help!! Health is Wealth!! MUSIC IS THERAPY- MUSIC HEALS! MUSIC CREATES! Many Blessings to you and yours, Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

THE MISSING LINK TO HEALTH OFTEN FORGOTTEN! Healing is a destination, a journey that we need to look upon over and over again!! Every day we can make choices that lead to love and healing, or away from it when we disconnect from the source of health and lifestyle that do not support health and longevity. Covid 19 is trying to wake us up! Fear may cause us to still be asleep? The true power to heal is based on common sense and some simple every day habits.: The body’s immune system thrives on diversity of exposure, sunlight, time in nature, loving company of others, alkaline diet, quality sleep, productivity, etc but….. we are told to hide alone indoors,!!,,,for how long….prediction is no release any time soon!! An alkaline body is a healthy body.! How many of us sit down to a meal that is 100% acid forming? ACIDOSIS is the most common problem today in creating disease, viruses and much more! If the meal is not balanced to be 80% alkaline and only 20% acid forming grub, then we create imbalances instead of creating health of body mind and spirit. Science has divided food into two classes: Alkaline-forming or practically safe foods, and acid-forming or somewhat less safe. If you eat 80% alkaline foods, mainly fruits and vegetables, rich in organic mineral salts and vitamins, thus preserving the normal alkalinity of the blood, you need not think about diets!! This is the KEY to all balancing of foods for you. especially if you do eat acid-forming foods, such as, meat, cheese,nuts,grains,cereals,eggs, yoghert, etc….Because these items are acid-forming is no reason to exclude them entirely, but use them judiciously and in the correct balance, ie with 80% alkaline foods, so they yield the greatest good for the whole body. Gland tone means perfect health…glands feed mainly upon body secretions and the healthy body must have mineral and alkaline elements High water content foods keep the bowels moist and soft with good elimination. Proteins, starch, sugar, fats leave an acid residue, and an alkaline diet diminishes acidity For instance, 80% of each meal must contain alkaline forming foods, ie fresh fruits and vegetables, and only 20% acid forming foods. If you sit down to a pasta meal with little or no fresh vegetables and salads, which is the beginning of creating acidosis, this being the main cause of poor immunity, unable to fight disease, and causing imbalances infectious disease,broken brain, viruses and all diseases. The only other food knowledge you need is harmonious combinations for best digestion and assimilation 80/20 proportion is the safest approach. Plan your meals to follow this valuable acid-alkaline balance If you observe this valuable simple acid-alkallne balance your body will thank you. AS well as, rest, sleep, fresh air, laughter conversation, enjoyment, all contribute to a happy health life. Acidifiers are also, worry, fear, anger, gossip, hatred, envy, selfishness and silence, To Feel more energetic, to be less prone to diseases, be sure your meals are balanced, 80% alkaline forming foods, and only 20% acid forming foods. Because fruits taste acid, they are alkaline forming, It is the ash created after digestion that is important. In preparing and designing balanced meals for all who place their trust in my supervision and consultations, I always take this simple alkaline-acid balanced approach, thus achieving spontaneous healing and regeneration of the whole body! See the difference in your sleep, work, attitude, cognitive improvement, and attaining and maintaining the best of health during this long lockdown! FEEL GREAT., LOOK AMAZING..lose weight .follow the Alkaline-Acid balance to form a PH MIRACLE!! Look forward to helping you achieve the best of health and immunity!! MUSIC IS THERAPY- MUSIC HEALS! MUSIC CREATES! Many Blessings to you and yours, Dr. Halanna B. Matthew

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