A reminder that we are about to close another year and begin a

New Year.  Let this one be the best one ever!

Be realistic and know that your health is your priority.

By setting aside time to fast and cleanse your mind, body, spirit and emotions

is one of the most important  New Year’s resolutions you can make.

The choice to cleanse and purify your body and mind so that real health

can be achieved and maintained for the rest of life is the greatest

achievement you can make, for this is true progress.

Health is a gift and to nurture and preserve it is our responsibility and

shows our gratitude to the creator for this great treasure, Your Health!

I encourage you to experience transformation like never before by

deciding to experience a 7-day fast for the month of February, which is

half-price month. March and April still available to fast and get healthy naturally,

enjoy clear thinking, better eyesight, and hearing, and a greater awareness  and

attunement with self and others.  Most of all a greater appreciation of how to love

yourself so that you can love others unconditionally.  This fast brings

astounding results!