YOUR SYMPTOMS TELL YOUR STORY! AWESOME NEWS!!….I have something important to share with you!! I was shopping yesterday at Whole Foods for vegetables and as I approached the cashier a man with a mask shouted at me, ” WHERE IS YOUR MASK, you can get it at the front door, go get it now”! I just looked at him freaking out, and knowing that he did more harm to his entire body with his anger and explosive voice than any mask could help! Or, the supplements he was grabbing! The cortisol levels which help regulate inflammation, blood flow, blood pressure,heart, adrenals,, and health in general was totally blocked. and stressed! What good was the mask?? Or, another situation, where a lady seeks counselling because she had all the symptoms of having a heart attack, but in checking her out found the heart was fine, but the emotional stress she experienced in being pressured by her husband, to please , in giving away her power, going against her integrity and beliefs, created anger,frustration and stress, causing her entire body to create the symptoms she experienced! OUR ENVIRONMENT is fundamental to creating and boosting our immunity, just as. or more important than foods we eat, exercise, etc which we can live without for quite sometime! If also our immunity is compromised with drugs, drinks, food, EMF exposure, anger, stress, social isolation, frustration, emotional baggage, etc we are more likely to suffer from any and all diseases than anyone with a strong immune system. Our relationships, with ourselves, family, friends, and the outside world can booster our immunity more than anything else. We are now connecting through superficial means, which neglect the true heart and gut connections. and we no longer feel connected wnoleheartedly, emotionally in social distancing, like physical connections can do for our immunity! We lack social bonds which is the greatest link to controlling diseases.. How can we grow resilient develop fortitude and create love instead of fear? LOVE IS MEDICINE….Love yourself is the beginning to release fear. that means taking every possible method to create a healthy environment inside our bodies and outside. We can use Curcumin, which acts as antimutagen,antioxidant, or Ginger, to release pain, and Lavender to help the stress and sleepless nights, but what is most important is to use our intuition to boost our immunity which is our God given protection against all diseases. This is a wake-up call, to look within and see what is important during this lockdown. and creating peace of mind…as everything in life comes and goes, including viruses.and to know Truth always prevails! During this time, I decided to write a book, grow a garden, sprout all the nuts and seeds, grains and legumes, increasing the value 400%, doubling the volume, and see how nature provides us with all the necessary food, just on our windowsill and in our backyard pots and earth, and creating peace! Finding ways to cope by getting in touch with nature is the best solution, as well as, to know the power of NOT EATING, to help heal a sick stressed body FASTING is an Ancient way to heal and to begin to LOVE ourselves enough to Heal ourselves! During this time of isolation, I am here to help you through superficial means, phone, email, etc. until we meet again! Do not hesitate to contact me for supervised fasting, nutritional guidance and to boost a strong immunity, I am here for you! MUSIC IS THERAPY- MUSIC HEALS! MUSIC CREATES! Many Blessings to you and yours, Dr. Halanna B. Matthew nature’ | forward to a friend Nature’s Health Ltd 2020 You are receiving this because you asked to join the email list, or subscribed from Our mailing address is: Natures Health 467 Raindance Crescent


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